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Mom Caught Us – Mom’s Healthy Diet – part 2 | Season 1 Episode 8

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Mom Caught the kids! Mom’s healthy diet – New Year, New Mom part 2. “What I Eat, everyone eats” is Mom’s new diet. Anson Starts crying with a cry stick –
The house gets divided as the kids try to hide from Mom when she tries to control all the food coming and going out of the house. Robbie continues to watch chick flicks in hopes to land a date.

From the family channel, Working with Lemons, comes the comedy vlog TV show, Our House.

Join our family friendly web series / tv series this week. We try to be funny and tell you absolutely true embellished stories about our family and working on YouTube music videos. We hope you find our sense of humor and entertainment worth watching as we explore how we handle all the kids, including, the 9th graders and college students. If you have brothers or sisters, then you may just understand what it’s like dealing with a large family. It’s like a tv shows for kids and the whole family.

We’re known for our Disney and Broadway music video channel, Working with Lemons and hope you’ll enjoy this new series of “Our House”.

For more behind the scenes of Our House and Working with Lemons, music videos, you can follow us on Instagram.

We go live every Friday at 3:00 pm Utah Time!

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