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Good Healthy Diet Veggie Recipes Burdock Root

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Healthy Diet Recipes, Japanese Burdock roots recipe which called Kinpira Gobo. きんぴらごぼう Burdock roots have lots of fibers and there are very tasty vegetables. It is very traditional cooking and authentic Japanese vegetables but not popular in western world. Yuri teaches how to prepare gobo roots and how to cook very tasty authentic Japanese Kinpira gobo. This side dish is very good with rice. Great for Japanese style lunch in the bento box.

Gobo —1
Carrots — same amount of gobo
Dry chili pepper — 1 or 2
Sugar 2Tbs
Sake 1Tbs
Mirin 1Tbs
Soy cauce 3oz
Sesami seeds 1tsp

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