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‘Ocean HD’ Live Wallpaper Update With ‘Friendly Seas’ Add-on



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The latest version of Ocean HD is now available! This update includes many new features, improvements, and the optional ‘Friendly Seas Pack’.

The ‘Friendly Seas Pack’ features a fully animated Dolphin, Sea Turtle, and interactive Seahorses! Swim alongside some of the most loved and adored ocean creatures on the planet. The ‘Friendly Seas Pack’ is completely optional, and is available for purchase directly from the settings menu.

This update to Ocean HD also includes new features and improvements for all scenes and add-ons, including accurate time of day! Watch the moon and the sun move through the sky as the underwater environment magically changes throughout the day. Animated sea grass now graces the Shallow Seas theme, and you can quickly and easily toggle between the Shallow Seas environment and the Coral environment by double-tapping – or select another gesture! Lastly, if you own the optional ‘Shark Pack’, the rare and elusive Thresher shark is now visible in the background. This as well as many improvements, fixes, and optimizations!

We hope you enjoy the free updates, and the new optional add-on pack. Thank you for your support!

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Try a free version of Ocean HD, called ‘Ocean HD Free’! Download the free version to see why Ocean HD has made such a big splash, and support us if you wish by unlocking the base version and any optional add-ons that suit your fancy.

Music used in this video:

“Beach Party” & “Tenebrous Brothers Carnival – Mermaid”
by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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